My Stuffed Animals
My Stuffed Animals

Everybody has there favorite stuffed animal, and if they don't, they're weird. But, anywho, I am really bored and decided to put up pics of MY fave stuffed animal, Flurry.

flurry pic (front)
flurry pic (profile)

Flurry is an 11 year old stuffed cat. I got her for Christmas when I was 3. Although grey in color and worn out, Flurry used to be white as snow and very fluffy.

Flurry also wanted me to put some of her stats here:
eye color: baby blue
fave band: Spice Girls
fave color: green
fave sport: wrestling
fave wrestler: WWF: Road Dog WCW: Buff Bagwell
fave tv show: Pop Up Video

and her email addy: