The Truth About Crows and Friendship
The Truth About Crows and Friendship



Omrite held onto Zoycite until she calmed down. When she did, Zoycite sat on the ground and rocked back and forth.
"Are you okay?" Omrite asked Dezerite.
"Yeah," Dezerite said, confused. "I guess."
"I bet you're wondering why I'm here," Omrite said.
"Just a tad," Dezerite said. "Why are you here?"
"Family has to stick together," Omrite said, smiling. "I didn't want to tell you when we first met."
"Tell me what?" Dezerite asked.
"That Zoycite here is my sister and I'm your aunt," Omrite answered.
"This just gets better and better," Marasnite said.
"So I guess me and Marasnite are your nieces and Razorite here is your nephew?" Dezerite asked.
"Yep," Omrite said. "You can be surprised what you can find out nowadays."
"So are you lying about not shooting Zoycite?" Marasnite asked, changing the subject and picking up Celeste. "Or was it ‘you did no harm by not telling us'?"
"Shut up!" Dezerite said. "I didn't shoot her. Even Vamp was there."
"Whatever," Marasnite said, rolling her eyes.
"If you're on our side, Marasnite," Dezerite said, taking Celeste from her, "then why are you acting this way?"
Marasnite said nothing.
"What's going on here?" Omrite asked.
"Well," Dezerite said. "We came here to try and get rid of Malachite again, but dip-shit here decided she had her own plan and totally screwed things up by ‘pretending' to be on Malachite's side and almost got us killed."
"Did you really shoot Zoycite?" Omrite asked.
"No," Dezerite said. "I was there when she fell. Ask Neflite or Vamp."
"Destruction shot her," Neflite said.
"But don't you work for Malachite?" Omrite asked him.
"Not anymore," Dezerite said. "He's with us."
"Then why does Zoycite think you shot her?" Marasnite asked.
"Use your head, Marasnite," Dezerite said. "Why would Malachite take the blame if he wants her on his side?"
Knowing she was wrong, Marasnite said nothing.
"How about getting out of here?" Neflite suggested.
"Great idea!" Dezerite said sarcastically. "Why didn't I think of that?"
"Oh shut up," Neflite snapped.
"Any idea how to get out of here?" Razorite asked Omrite.
"I know a way out," Marasnite offered.
"Right, Marasnite," Dezerite said. "Like we're going to follow you."
"We may as well," said Omrite. "We can handle her if she tries anything."
"Fine," Dezerite sighed. Everybody followed Marasnite, except for Vamp who held Dezerite back.
"What if she leads us to Malachite?" He asked.
"Then God have mercy on our souls," Dezerite growled. "If they want to be dumb enough to trust Marasnite then they'll learn."
Dezerite and Vamp caught up to the group and Dezerite walked beside Marasnite, keeping a close eye on her sister.
They started to walk down a dark hallway. Dezerite strained her eyes in order to see in front of her but Marasnite seemed to know where she was going.
"We're almost there," Marasnite said. "It's not far from here."
Sensing a bit of sarcasm in Marasnite's voice, Dezerite pulled a knife from her belt and held it in her hand. She expected a fight.
"We're not going outside," Zoycite mumbled to herself.
"What did you say?" Omrite asked, helping Zoycite to walk.
"She's leading us to...." Zoycite mumbled again.
Suddenly, they entered a brightly lit room and standing in the middle was...
"Malachite!" Dezerite gasped.

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