The Truth About Crows and Friendship

"I left them right in here," Marasnite said to Malachite and Destruction, leading them down the hallway. When they reached the cell, Marasnite gasped.
The cell was empty except for the smashed security camera on the floor. No one was in the cell.
"I swear they were here," Marasnite said.
"Warn the guards," Malachite said to Destruction, who obeyed and left.
"She's too smart," Marasnite said.
"We have to outsmart her," Malachite said, walking away. Marasnite obediently followed.


"How much further?" Destinite asked as the team crawled through the cramped pipe.
"How am I supposed to know?" Dezerite asked. "I don't crawl through pipes everyday!"
"So, Dez," Neflite said, "if you don't mind me asking. When did you know Malachite? And why didn't you tell us?"
"Well," Dezerite said, "if you really want to know, we didn't really know each other. I lead a another team against him. And he's hated me ever since."
"But why?" Zed asked.
"Because I was the one who told Beryl about his plans. I was the one who busted him."
"Then why didn't you tell us?" Jedite asked.
"‘Cause it wasn't relevant," Dezerite said. "It's a part of my life I chose to forget."
"How come?" Destinite asked.
"Because I watched my teammates die one by one," Dezerite said calmly.
Before anybody else could ask anymore questions, they came to a vent. Dezerite peered down and only saw the floor. Figuring she had nothing to lose, she opened the vent door and dropped down.
She came into a dull room with only a bed and a chair by the window. She motioned for the rest to come down and they did.
"This room is so boring!" Destinite said.
"You're telling me," Dezerite said, walking around the room.
Suddenly, something darted from under the bed and attached itself to Dezerite's leg. Dezerite screamed and fell to the ground. She then realized it was only Celeste.
"Calm down, Celeste," Dezerite said. At the sound of her master's voice, Celeste let go.
"This must be Marasnite's room," Dezerite said, standing up with Celeste in her arms.
"How can you tell?" Destinite asked.
"Well," Dezerite said, "why else would Celeste be in here?"
Dezerite looked all around the room.
"There's nothing important in here," she said, leaving the room. Everybody followed, including Celeste.
Dezerite stopped when she saw Marasnite coming down the hallway. Marasnite gasped when she saw Dezerite.
"Dezerite!" She said in a surprised tone.
"Marasnite!!" Dezerite yelled angrily, charging into her sister. She knocked Marasnite to the ground. It took the whole team to get her off.
Marasnite wiped the blood from her lip and brushed herself off.
"How did you guys get out?" Marasnite asked.
"None of your business," Dezerite snarled.
"Listen, Dez," Marasnite said. "I'm not really working for Malachite."
Dezerite let out a little laugh. "And how can we believe you?"
"You have to," Marasnite said. "It's all in the plan I've worked out. Malachite won't suspect a thing."
"And what plan is that?" Dezerite asked.
"To gain Malachite's trust and then rid of him," Marasnite said proudly.
"And you risked all our lives to do it," Dezerite said. "Not to mention that you risked our mission."
"Well,' Marasnite said, "there has to be some sacrifices."
"Not this time," Dezerite said. "We're leaving."
"But, Dez," Marasnite said. "We can't just leave."
"Watch us," Dezerite said, starting to walk away.
"I can show you a way out!" Marasnite suggested.
"I'm not going to fall for it," Dezerite said.
"Please," Marasnite begged. "You have to trust me!"
"Why?!" Dezerite asked, turning around to face Marasnite.
"Because," Marasnite said, tears filling her eyes, "I'm telling the truth."
"No," Dezerite said. "I don't listen to liars."
"And you're not a liar?" Marasnite asked. "What about knowing Malachite before?"
"That didn't risk you're life," Dezerite said. "I did no harm by not telling you that."
"But you could have been honest with us," Marasnite pointed out. "You could have told us."
"I tried to forget that," Dezerite said. "I didn't want to remember."
Dezerite paused for a moment. "How did you know I knew him?" she asked.
"Lucky guess," Marasnite said. "I could tell."
"Not to interrupt or anything," Zed said. "But I think someone is coming."
Dezerite perked up and listened to the approaching footsteps. Not knowing what to do, she just stood there.
Zoycite appeared in front of Dezerite, her face pale and her eyes bloodshot. She looked up at Dezerite and scowled.
"Zoycite?" Dezerite asked.
"You're alive?" Marasnite asked.
"What happened?" Razorite asked.
"How could you do this to me?" Zoycite asked, looking straight at Dezerite.
"Do what?" Dezerite asked.
"You shot me," Zoycite said, taking a step closer to Dezerite.
"No I didn't," Dezerite said. "I saw you fall."
"You shot me," Zoycite continued, "your own mother."
"But I didn't!" Dezerite protested.
Zoycite stood straight and lunged at Dezerite, but she was intercepted by a flash of blond hair.