The Truth About Crows and Friendship

Dezerite sat in a corner of the cell. She had run out of mean things to say to her team. It had been quite a while since they had been locked in the cell. She sat, watching the security camera in the corner. No one else had noticed it but Dezerite had picked it up when they first got in there.
She heard footsteps approaching the cell and perked up. Marasnite appeared and sat in front of the cell, leaning on the wall. Everyone didn't want to say anything and were waiting for Dezerite to explode.
Instead, Dezerite got up and sat directly in front of Marasnite. They both stared at each other, saying nothing.
Dezerite was the first to break the silence. "Why'd you do it?" She asked calmly.
Marasnite shrugged her shoulders.
"Did you do it because you hate me?" Dezerite asked. "Or because you're on some self-quest for power?"
Marasnite just shrugged her shoulders.
Dezerite stood up. "You don't even know why you're doing this!"
Marasnite shrugged her shoulders again.
Dezerite thought for a moment. "You're just jealous."
That was the wrong button to push because Marasnite jumped up, enraged.
"Jealous? Of you?" She asked. "Why would I be jealous of you? You can't even lead a mission or do anything right! You just float through life thinking you're all that and you're little Ms. Leader! Well, let me tell you something, I'm the only one out of you losers to actually stand on my own two feet!"
"How are you doing that?" Dezerite asked calmly. "When you're a lacky to Malachite?"
Marasnite got so mad, she stomped away from the cell and out of the sub-levels.
"Bitch," Dezerite mumbled and she sat back down in the corner.


Marasnite stomped into Malachite's office.
"I want her dead now!" Marasnite growled, stomping her foot.
"And why is that?" Malachite asked.
"‘Cause she's annoying!" Marasnite exclaimed.
"So are you," Malachite said, barely paying attention to her.
"Shut up!" Marasnite shouted. "We're in this together!"
"I'm in this with no one!" Malachite said, angrily.
"Fine!" Marasnite said, stomping out of the room and back to her own. She slammed the door shut and sat on her bed.
She looked at the window and saw the crow perched outside. Instead of irritating her, the sight of the crow calmed her down. She opened the window and let the crow in.
"You sure like to come in here don't you?" Marasnite asked the crow. "You don't even have a name."
The crow looked at her as if it understood.
"Dynasia," Marasnite said. "That's what I'll call you, girl. Well, if you are one."
Dynasia slightly nodded her head as if saying yes. Marasnite laughed.
"What's this is your mouth?" Marasnite asked, pulling her necklace from the crow's beak. "So you were the one that stole this, you little thief," Marasnite said, smiling.
"Here," she said, putting the necklace around the crow's neck. "You keep it."


Dezerite paced the cell, thinking. Everyone else sat around, doing nothing but watching Dezerite pace.
"What are we going to do?" Destinite asked.
"Shut up," Dezerite said. "If I knew, we wouldn't be stuck in this cage."
Suddenly, they heard footsteps. Dezerite's eyes narrowed and her back stiffened, waiting to see who it was.
Zoycite stumbled down the hallway, sometimes holding the wall. She seemed to be in a daze.
Dezerite stepped up to the bars.
"Zoycite," she said, but Zoycite didn't say anything.
"Zoycite! Let us out!" Dezerite yelled. "Mother!"
After Dezerite said that, Zoycite turned around and stared hard into Dezerite's eyes. Dezerite's heart jumped. Zoycite looked away and left. Dezerite watched her disappear into the darkness of the sub-levels.
Dezerite kicked the bars and swore.
"Goddamnit!" She said.
"Calm down," Neflite said. "Stomping around the place isn't going to get us out of here."
"Shut up," Dezerite said. "If it wasn't for Marasnite, we wouldn't be in this mess."
"I can't believe she's working for Malachite," Jedite said.
"Get over it," Dezerite said.
"Maybe," Razorite said dreamily, "she's not really working for him, but has her own plan."
"Huh?" Jedite asked.
"I forget," Razorite said. " Never mind."
"We've really got to get out of here," Dezerite said.
"What about these pipes?" Vamp asked, pointing up.
"How long have you noticed those?" Dezerite asked.
"Just now," Vamp said.
"Hoist me up," Dezerite said.. "I'm going in."