The Truth About Crows and Friendship
The Truth About Crows and Friendship

Chapter 6


Dezerite cautiously walked through the damp hallway. When she saw the door that led to Zoycite's room, curiosity took over and she went in. The lights were already on and Dezerite gasped at the sight of her mother laying in the bed.
Quickly, she ran over and picked up the clipboard.
"What does it say?" Razorite asked.
"It says she was shot and has neck injuries," Dezerite said. "That's all." Dezerite shuddered at the memory of her mother falling off the tunnel.
"Come on, Dez," Vamp said, taking her hand. "There's not much we can do here."
Dezerite sighed and threw the clipboard on the floor and they all left.

Marasnite crouched in the dark, ready with her plan. She would look and act hurt and say she had escaped, then she would lead them right into Malachite's hands.
She rubbed the back of her neck and was about to play with her necklace, when she noticed it wasn't there. Confused, Marasnite made herself forget about it for now.
Taking a deep breath, Marasnite went through the plan in her head again. She had it down pat now.
"It's cold enough in here," Marasnite heard Dezerite say. "Colder than the other room."
"It's scary, Dez," Destinite complained. "Can we leave?"
"Hell, no," Dezerite said. "We made it this far...."
Marasnite decided to move.
"DEZ!" She yelled, stumbling to her sister.
"Maras!" Dezerite said, keeping Marasnite from falling.
"I barely got out.....and he was chasing me...but I got away," Marasnite managed to gasp.
"Don't worry," Dezerite said. "You're safe now."
"But he's going to know we're here," Marasnite said. "He knows when the door opens."
"Now how are we supposed to get out?" Razorite asked.
"I know a way," Marasnite said. "Follow me."
Marasnite started to walk ahead of them. Dezerite looked at her quizzically. When everyone went to follow Marasnite, Dezerite kept Vamp back.
"Do you find there's something strange ‘bout Marasnite?" Dezerite asked.
"Yeah," Vamp said, "I do. Keep an eye on her. She's got something up her sleeve."
"Gotcha," Dezerite said, following the rest.
Marasnite led them through a series of hallways and through doors. Dezerite watched her sister like a hawk.
"For someone who rushed out of here, she sure knows where she is going," Dezerite mumbled to Vamp.
"In here," Marasnite said, picking up Celeste and scratching her ears. She pointed into a cell.
"Yeah right, Marasnite," Dezerite said. "You should have thought this capture out a little. What makes you think we're going to listen to you?"
"Cause I'm telling the truth," Marasnite said, starting to cry.
"Come on, Dez," Jedite said. "You should trust your own sister."
"Yeah, Dezerite," Destinite said, going into the cell. Everyone went in except for Dezerite and Vamp.
"Please, Dez," Marasnite said.
"Fine," Marasnite said. She sat Celeste on the ground, then with all her strength, pushed both Dezerite and Vamp into the cell. She closed the door and locked it.
"You bitch!" Dezerite screamed. "How could you do this to me?"
"Very easily," Marasnite said, picking up Celeste, who was really confused. Marasnite started to walk away.
"Get back here!" Dezerite screamed, shaking the bars. But Marasnite was already on her way to Malachite.


Marasnite walked into Malachite's "office" without knocking. She did not sit in the swivel chair, but stood instead.
"What is it?" Malachite asked.
"They're here," Marasnite said.
Malachite stood up. "All of them?"
Marasnite nodded her head.
Malachite pushed a button on his desk. On the screen behind was the cell everyone was stuck in seen through a security cam. Dezerite was telling her team off for their stupidness.
"Good job," Malachite said. "Very good."
Marasnite smiled. Celeste started to squirm in Marasnite's arms. She knew something wasn't right.
"Who's the cat?" Malachite asked, sitting back down.
"It's Dezerite's," Marasnite said. "I wanna see that nothing will happen to it."
"Whatever," Malachite said.
Marasnite sneered at him and left the room.