The Truth About Crows and Friendship
The Truth About Crows and Friendship:

Chapter 2


Dezerite walked into the house to find it quiet, unusually quiet. She looked around briefly but couldn't find anyone. Just when she was about to call out to see if anyone was there, Razorite came down the stairs.
"Hey Raz," Dezerite said. "It's awfully quiet here."
"Nothing to do," Razorite said. "Even Celeste is quiet." He motioned to the couch where Celeste was curled up softly snoring.
"How'd the meeting go?" Razorite asked.
"Well, I surprised I'm not deaf," Dezerite said. "She gave me the usual ‘fail and you die' speech."
"Listen, Dez," Razorite said, "there's something I gotta tell you ‘bout Marasnite. She....."
Before he could finish his sentence, Marasnite came strolling through the door.
"Hiya, Dez," Marasnite said. "Thought I'd get some fresh air."
"Well, you'll be getting plenty of it soon enough," Dezerite said, cheerfully. She turned back to Razorite. "What were you ‘bout to tell me?"
"Oh," Razorite said. "Just that Maras was out walking."
"It's such a beautiful day," Marasnite said, walking over to Razorite and putting her arm around his neck and squeezing. "Isn't it bro?"
"Yep," Razorite said. Marasnite released her grip.
"You people scare me," Dezerite said. "Anyways, get everyone together. We're heading out soon."
Marasnite and Razorite nodded and went searching for everyone. Dezerite went up to her room to change.
Everybody came down to the livingroom with their various knapsacks and other pieces of "luggage".
"Okay people," Dezerite said. "We've gone over the plan a zillion times and I hope you all now what that is. If anybody doesn't please tell me now." Dezerite paused for only a second. "Good."
Everyone nodded anyways.
"Awesome. Lock up the house and let's go."
Everyone got up and left the house.


"It's so hot out," Destinite complained, wiping the sweat off her forehead.
"When are we going to stop for a break?" Razorite asked.
"We stopped five minutes ago," Jedite reminded him.
"Oh yeah," Razorite said, "but it's sooo hot."
"You've been awfully quiet, Maras," Dezerite said. "What's up, sis?"
Marasnite gave her sister a sweet smile. "Just thinking."
"Nothing in particular."
"Oh," Dezerite said, confused. "Okay."
Soon, the sun sank into the mountains and the stars came out. Since it was so nice out, Dezerite suggested sleeping without tents. So they did.
"Who's gonna keep watch with me?" Dezerite asked.
"I will," Marasnite immediately volunteered.
"Me too," Neflite said, keeping an eye on Marasnite.
"Sure," Dezerite said. "Everyone hit the sack. We've got a lot of walking to do all day tomorrow."
Everyone went to sleep and Dezerite, Marasnite and Neflite sat around a small campfire. Celeste snored silently while curled up against Dezerite. Marasnite stared at Dezerite with a slight smirk on her face.
"Okay, Maras," Dezerite said, "you're really starting to scare me. What's wrong?"
"Yeah, Marasnite," Neflite said, smiling. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing," Marasnite said. "It's just I've a lot on my mind."
"Like what?" Dezerite asked.
"Dezerite," Marasnite said loudly, waking everyone up, "did you know Malachite before our first mission together?"
"Are you lying?"
Dezerite felt everyone's eyes on her. Sweat began to form on her brow.
"Yes," she said.
"What happened in your past?" Marasnite asked.
"Listen, Marasnite," Dezerite said. "I buried those memories so deep..."
"Why?" Marasnite persisted.
"Stop it!" Dezerite screamed. Everyone stared at her.
Suddenly a shot blasted from the bushes and hit Marasnite, knocking her out. Dezerite got out her gun but the gunman was too quick and got Dezerite first, sending her to the ground.
Destruction appeared from the shadows and, saying nothing, picked up Marasnite and left.