The Truth About Crows and Friendship
The Truth About Crows and Friendship


Marasnite sat in the chair in the living room as Dezerite paced in front of her. The rest of the team sat at the top of the stairs listening, afraid to go down.
"Dezerite, I said I was sorry," Marasnite said.
"Sorry?!" Dezerite exploded. "Sorry isn't going to fix everything that went wrong because of you."
"I was trying to help!" Marasnite said defensively.
"Oh, do you want me to thank you?!" Dezerite asked.
"Listen, Dez..." Marasnite started.
"NO! You listen!" Dezerite yelled. "You screwed up the mission, you scared the shit out of me and most of all," Dezerite's eyes started to fill with angry tears, "I can never trust you again!"
Marasnite stood up. "What do you want me to do?"
"Leave!" Dezerite yelled, pointing to the door. The group at the top of the stairs was shocked.
"No!" Marasnite said. "I quit!" She ran out the door and slammed it shut.
"Fine!" Dezerite screamed, pushing a lamp so it smashed on the floor. She stomped up the stairs, pushed past the team and locked herself in her room. Everyone heard a smash of glass and then silence.
"Should we see if she's okay?" Razorite asked.
"No," Neflite said, "we should leave her alone."
Everyone agreed and went to their own separate rooms, worried about Dezerite and Marasnite.
Dezerite laid on her bed, her hand bloody from punching the mirror on the wall, crying. She stayed up crying all night.

Razorite fell asleep worried about his sisters. When he finally fell asleep, he started to have a weird dream. He could see a girl in the distance calling his name. He could tell she had short hair and was tall. Razorite tried to reach the girl but halfway there, he was met by Malachite. Malachite snapped his fingers and the girl disappeared.
Razorite woke up in a sweat and looked out his window. The moon was full and somewhere a wolf was howling a mournful cry.

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