The Truth About Crows and Friendship
The Truth About Crows and Friendship


Too stunned to do anything, Dezerite dropped the knife and was surrounded by guards.
"You bitch!" Dezerite screamed as the guards dragged the team to Malachite. "I'll kill you!"
Marasnite laughed as each team member was thrown into a separate cell in the open room. Dezerite grabbed the bars and screamed.
"How could you?" She asked Marasnite. "How could you do this to us?"
Zoycite and Omrite weren't thrown into a cell. Instead, Malachite handled them personally.
"So, Omrite, if that is your real name," Malachite said. "Not only did you lie about not finding Dezerite, but you tried to come in here and screw up my plans. What do you have to say for yourself?"
"Only that I don't regret any of it," Omrite said.
"Very well," Malachite said. "Put her in a cell," he said to Destruction who had made his presence unknown. Destruction obeyed his orders and put Omrite in a cell.
"And you," Malachite said to Zoycite. "You shouldn't be walking around in your condition."
"Dezerite didn't shoot me," Zoycite said, regaining some of her strength. "You lied to me!"
"You would believe Dezerite over me?" Malachite asked her. "The one that loves you?"
"You don't love me," Zoycite said. "You just use me in all your pointless little schemes. I'm not going to take anymore of this!"
"Fine," Malachite said calmly. "Destruction, put her in a cell too."
Destruction grabbed Zoycite roughly by the arm and threw her into a cell. Marasnite walked up to Malachite picking up Celeste, who hissed.
"What now?" Marasnite asked.
"Now I do what I do best," Malachite said, pulling out a laser.
He walked up to Dezerite's cell and shot to miss. Dezerite ducked and looked behind her at the hole in the wall.
Swiftly, Dezerite took a hidden knife out of her boot and whipped it between the bars at Malachite, who caught it before it hit him.
"Now that wasn't very nice," Malachite said. "You better be careful or I'll do to this team what I did to the last."
"What did you do to the last team?" Marasnite asked.
"Why don't you let Dezerite answer that," Malachite said, "she was there. Go ahead Dez."
Dezerite stood closer to the bars. "He slaughtered them in front of my eyes! Do you want that to happen to us Marasnite?! Do you want to watch us die?! ‘Cause that's what's going to happen."
"You did that to them?" Marasnite asked.
"You bet," Malachite said. "Now, what were their names again? Oh yeah, there was Angelite and Develite and that guy there you were close to..."
"You're sick," Dezerite said.
"But it just wouldn't be any fun if I wasn't sick and demented," Malachite said.
"You think this is fun?!" Dezerite asked.
Marasnite looked around uneasily. "Are you going to slaughter them?"
"More than likely," Malachite said.
Marasnite thought quickly. "Well, good. I didn't much like them anyways."
Dezerite's mouth dropped open. "What?!!"
"You always thought you were better than us," Marasnite said, approaching Dezerite's cage. "You never gave us any credit. You hogged it all to yourself."
Indiscreetly, Marasnite passed Dezerite a key. Dezerite took it with a confused look on her face.
"How are you going to kill her?" Marasnite asked Malachite.
While Malachite went on about his brilliant plan, Marasnite said quietly to Dezerite:
"I'll distract him and you unlock yourself."
Dezerite nodded.
Marasnite went up to Malachite and pointed to a tray.
"What's all this stuff?" She asked.
Malachite went on explaining each instrument and the torture they were meant for. Dezerite unlocked herself. A guard went to attack her but she flipped him over and took his gun. That was enough to get Malachite's attention.
"How the hell?" Malachite asked.
"Unlock them," Dezerite said, pointing the gun at Destruction, who obeyed.
Once everyone was unlocked, the guards jumped them. Destinite bit one in the leg and got his gun and passed it to Marasnite. Marasnite took it and aimed it at Dezerite.
"Give me a reason not to shoot you," Marasnite said.
Dezerite turned around and realized Marasnite was talking to her. She pointed her gun at Marasnite.
"I can give you a few," Dezerite said.
"Good enough for me," Marasnite said, shifting the gun and shooting Malachite.
Because of Marasnite's bad aim, Malachite only suffered a bullet in the arm. He grasped his wound and ran, Destruction right behind him. Dezerite only stood and watched him go.
Dezerite made sure everyone was okay before turning to Marasnite. Dezerite was so angry she couldn't say or do anything.
"Now," Razorite said, "how do we get out of here?"
"I don't know," Marasnite said, glaring at Dezerite, who was glaring right back at her.
Just then, Dynasia flew into the room. She cawed and flew out.
"Maybe we should follow it," Destinite suggested.
Dezerite looked away from Marasnite and followed the crow outside.
Once outside Dezerite approached Omrite and Zoycite.
"Are you going to stay with Omrite?" She asked Zoycite. Zoycite nodded and looked down.
"Thanks a lot," Dezerite said to Omrite.
"I figured you needed help," Omrite said smiling.
"I did," Dezerite said, smiling back weakly.
"Well," Omrite said to Zoycite, "looks like we should get back to my place." Zoycite smiled and they both left.
Marasnite came up to Dezerite. "Dezerite, I'm....."
"Shut up," Dezerite said sharply. "Let's get home."

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