The Truth About Crows and Friendship


Marasnite tossed and turned in her sleep. The frightening voices ran through her dreams. The voices called out to her but she couldn't help them. She couldn't do anything. In her dream, she was surrounded by her friends, each calling her name: Dezerite, Razorite, Jedite, Neflite, Destinite, Vamp and Zed, they were all there. So was Malachite, who was telling her to join him. Together she and he could rule the Nega-Verse as father and daughter.
Marasnite awoke in a cold sweat. Her blankets were all tangled and she was shaking. She rubbed her eyes and got out of bed. She slowly crept down the stairs and into the kitchen and was surprised to see Dezerite sitting at the table drinking coffee.
Marasnite had found out that Dezerite was her sister during their first mission against Malachite. Dezerite was chosen to be team leader by Queen Beryl. Marasnite had found out she had a brother too, Razorite.
"Hey, Dez," Marasnite said, sitting down.
"Oh hey, Maras," Dezerite said, snapping out of her daze.
"What are you doing here?" Marasnite asked.
"I was about to ask the same thing," Dezerite said, rubbing her tired eyes.
"Bad dreams," Marasnite said.
"Me too."
Marasnite sighed.
"I still can't believe he's our father," Dezerite said.
Marasnite had almost forgotten about that. She had also found out that her nemesis, Malachite, was in fact her father. It didn't affect her as much as it did Dezerite. Marasnite didn't know for certain, but she suspected that Dezerite and Malachite fought each other long before. Marasnite never asked Dezerite because her past was a sore spot. She never talked about it.
"Do you get scared, Dezerite?" Marasnite asked.
"What do you mean?" Dezerite asked.
"Like when you were tied to that table and Malachite was cutting your arm. Were you scared then?"
"More than you could ever imagine," Dezerite said, getting up. "Get back to bed, Maras. We've got a lot to do tomorrow." Dezerite left the kitchen and went back to her room. Marasnite did the same.
Marasnite crawled back into her bed but could not sleep. She was too busy thinking about the next few days.
Queen Beryl had informed Dezerite that she had found Malachite. She tracked him to a castle on the far side of the Nega-Verse. Dezerite had gotten the team together to plan their ambush. They were going to go by foot and surprise attack him.
Marasnite hoped only that it worked although Dezerite had great confidence in her plan.
Marasnite's eyes started to get heavy and she fell asleep thinking, Tomorrow, we start tomorrow.


The morning came quickly. Everyone gathered in the kitchen to get breakfast and sat down.
"Good morning," Marasnite said, sitting down at the table.
"Let's hope so," Dezerite said, drinking her coffee.
"That's Dez for ya," Razorite said. "Always thinking happy thoughts."
Dezerite shot a look at Razorite. "Don't provoke me."
"When do we head out?" Marasnite asked.
"Right after lunch," Dezerite said. "Everything should be cleared up by then."
"Like what?" Destinite asked.
"Like, getting last orders and getting screamed at by Beryl," Dezerite said, counting on her fingers. "Getting all the supplies ready, you know, the usual."
"Oh, the usual," Jedite said.
"Sounds like an everyday thing," Vamp said.
"Well, it should be," Dezerite said.
"You just spoil us don't you?" Neflite asked.
"All the time."
"When do we commence our courageous trek on foot to the castle of the evil, sinister lord?" Zed asked dramatically.
"We walk at daylight."
"Won't Malachite be expecting that?" Destinite asked.
"Nope," Dezerite said, "he's not that smart."
"Always taking the easy way," Neflite said.
"You bet, Nark," Dezerite said, standing up.
"I hate that name," Neflite growled.
"I know," Dezerite said, smirking and leaving the kitchen.
"I have a bad feeling about this mission," Marasnite said, worried.
"How come?" Razorite asked, eating cereal.
"I don't know," Marasnite said. "It's just a gut feeling, you know, like something's going to go wrong."
"Did you tell Dezerite this?" Vamp asked.
"She's too overconfident that this plan is going to work," Marasnite said. "I don't want to get her upset."
Just then, Dezerite came down the stairs and into the kitchen. She wore green pleather pants and a black tank top.
"I'll be back soon from Beryl's," Dezerite said. "See ya!"
She opened the door and left. Marasnite sighed.
"Why don't you tell Dez you're not up to it?" Razorite asked.
"Because she'll take a fit," Marasnite said. "She's too overconfident with herself and thinks she's Ms. Perfect Leader!"
Everyone stared at Marasnite in astonishment, but she continued on.
"I think I'd make a better leader. Dezerite couldn't handle a baby-sitting job let alone handle a mission."
"Listen, Maras," Jedite said, "why don't you stop right there?"
"Dezerite's our only hope," Zed said.
"That's what she wants you to think," Marasnite said. "I bet she's working for Malachite and she's...."
"If you've got a problem with Dezerite, leave!" Neflite yelled.
"Fine!" Marasnite yelled back. "I will!"
She got up and stomped out the room.
She stomped out the front door and slammed it shut, causing the house to shake.