Tale of Two Sides

"How did you know he wasn't going to kill you?" Vamp asked, his arm around Dezerite.
"Well," Dezerite said as the team walked out of the large castle, "I didn't."
"That's some chance you took," Marasnite said. She was being carried by Jedite.
"How's your arm?" Destinite asked.
"Sore," Dezerite said. "Just a couple of stitches and I'll be okay."
"I'm just glad he didn't shoot you," Vamp said.
"Me too," Dezerite said, snuggling closer to Vamp as they headed home.
"Sorry I couldn't keep up, Dez," Razorite said.
"No prob, bro," Dezerite said. "I didn't need your help anyways."
"Now don't get conceited on us," Zed warned.
"Don't worry," Dezerite said. "I couldn't have done it without you guys."
"Listen, Dez," Neflite said. "I'm sorry about what happened back there."
"Nark," Dezerite said, "if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have gotten outta there and I'd be laying in a million different places."
"Nark?" Neflite asked.
"The name suits him," Marasnite laughed.
Dezerite couldn't help but laugh too. It was hard to believe it wasn't over yet.
Once they got to Dezerite's house, they all got something to eat and sat in the livingroom talking the rest of the night.


A week later, things were going smoothly. Marasnite's leg was healed, only a slight limp, but it wasn't permanent. Dezerite's arm was stitched up, but the scars remained, reminding her of the pain. Nothing else was seriously injured. Neflite earned the trust of his teammates and swore he would never lie again.
"Marasnite! Hurry up!" Dezerite yelled, banging on the bathroom door.
"Open the freakin' door!" Dezerite yelled, this time kicking the door.
The door opened. Marasnite stood there wearing a bathrobe and a towel on her head, brushing her teeth. Dezerite barged into the bathroom and pushed Marasnite out. She closed the door and locked it.
"Dez!" Marasnite yelled angrily.
"You snooze you lose, sista!" Dezerite laughed.
"You better get dressed," Destinite said to Marasnite. She was wearing the standard general uniform with orange lining.
Marasnite was about to protest but Jedite and Neflite walked in, wearing their uniforms. Jedite's had red lining and Neflite's had yellow. Razorite followed wearing his uniform with dark blue lining. Marasnite laughed and went into her room to change. Dezerite came out wearing her uniform with lime green lining. Marasnite came out wearing her's with pink lining.
"Where's Vamp and Zed?" Dezerite asked.
"They're meeting us there," Neflite said.
They filed out of the house and headed to Neflite's car. Suddenly, Dezerite came to a halt. The others stopped too.
"What is it?" Marasnite asked.
"There's something I gotta do," Dezerite said.
"What?" Razorite asked.
"I have to go back to Omrite," Dezerite said. "I promised."
"I can drop you off," Neflite said, "but we definitely have to be at Beryl's crib."
"Thanks," Dezerite said, picking up Celeste who had followed her. "Don't worry, I'll find a way back."
Everyone piled into the car and Neflite drove on Dezerite's directions. When they got there Dezerite hopped out of the car with Celeste and ran to Omrite's door. She knocked as Neflite drove off. Omrite opened the door and squealed in surprise when she saw Dezerite standing outside. She quickly hugged Dezerite and ushered her inside.
"Did you kill him?" Omrite asked anxiously.
"No, I didn't," Dezerite said sadly.
"What?" Omrite asked, surprised.
"But I promised you I would, and I will," Dezerite said.
Omrite's expression softened. "I understand."
Celeste started to tug on Dezerite's pant leg. Dezerite looked at her watch.
"I have to go," Dezerite said, picking up Celeste, "but I'll be back. I promise."