Tale of Two Sides: Chapter 7


“Welcome,” Malachite said, walking over to the table.

Two guards came up behind Dezerite and pushed her to the table. They strapped her down so she couldn’t move, no matter how hard she tried.

Malachite walked slowly around the table as he talked.

“It’s about time you joined us,” he said. “Once I’m done with you, my dear, my guards will drag your bloody carcass away and I’ll start on your friends. Sounds good?”

“Oh sure,” Dezerite said. “Just a blast.”

“I’m glad to see your looking forward to this,” Malachite said, stopping. He motioned to a guard to bring a tray over. On the tray were an assortment of scalpels and knives. Dezerite eyed the tools.

“Yeah,” she said. “I’m just so looking forward to having my insides cut out right in front of my eyes.”

“At least she’s optimistic,” Jedite whispered to Marasnite, who was too stunned to say anything.

Malachite picked up one of the scalpels and approached Dezerite.

“I’ll start off slow,” Malachite said. “Wouldn’t want to kill you quickly.”

He raised the scalpel and slashed Dezerite’s arm. Blood ran from the deep wound down onto the table. Dezerite’s eyes got wide.

“Ouchie,” Dezerite said, annoyed. “That really hurt. I can’t believe you cut me!”

Instead of slashing her arm quickly, this time Malachite cut her slowly. Dezerite’s hand clenched and unclenched her hand over and over. The blood added to the other puddle already formed.

After numerous slashes on her arm on her arm, Dezerite’s eyes stared straight trying to ignore the pain. Marasnite silently cried as she watched her sister being cut. The rest either turned away or were too stunned to. Destruction leaned against the wall, smiling Neflite was in a turmoil of emotions. He didn’t know whether to save her or not. Dezerite’s pleading eyes solved his solved his problem.

Quietly, while everyone was preoccupied by Dezerite, Neflite walked over to Marasnite and unlocked one of her hand. Neflite returned to his place by the wall.

Marasnite silently unlocked her other hand while Neflite slowly walked up behind Malachite, knife in hand. The exact moment Neflite made his move, Marasnite quickly unlocked Jedite and gave him the key. Neflite plunged the knife into Malachite’s shoulder causing him to yell in pain. All the guards went into a frenzy.

Jedite unlocked the others and they started to fight the guards. Marasnite worked her way over to Malachite, who was crouched down holding his cut. She kicked him in the face and sent him backwards. She picked up a large knife from the table and cut Dezerite free. She helped her sister up and together they fought the guards.

Destruction ran over to Malachite and helped him up. Together they left the room. Dezerite spotted them and called to the others.

“They went that way!”

Dezerite followed in that direction, the rest of the group behind her. Dezerite raced down a hallway, close on Malachite and Destruction’s heels. Soon, Marasnite and Neflite caught up.

“You okay, Dez?” Marasnite asked.

“For now,” Dezerite said. “I can’t think of the pain at the moment.”

They continued their pursuit until Malachite and Destruction turned and ran down another hallway. Once the team got there, they had lost them.

“Oh great,” Dezerite said, breathing heavily.

“Now what?” Jedite asked.

“Split up,” Dezerite said. “Search everywhere.”

Marasnite and checked one door, Neflite and Razorite checked another, Zed and Destinite went together and Dezerite and Vamp checked the last door.

Marasnite opened the door and gasped at the sight before her. In the corner of the small room there was a bed and on the bed was Zoycite, hooked up to a life support system. Marasnite walked over to get a better look, Jedite followed her.

Zoycite lay on the bed, her face expressionless and her body unmoving. The screen beside her bleeped soft bleeps at long intervals. Her neck was in a cast as well as her arms and legs. Overall, she didn’t look good.

“What happened to her?” Marasnite asked.

“I don’t know,” Jedite said. “It looks like there’s not much we can do.”

Marasnite nodded and headed toward the door.

The team met up in the hallway with only one more door to check. Dezerite led everyone toward it and kicked it open.