Tale of Two Sides: Chapter 6


Zed was slowly walking down the street with Marasnite when he thought he saw a familiar figure. He squinted harder.

“Vamp?” He said aloud.

“Where?” Marasnite asked, excited.

“There,” Zed said, pointing ahead. “Look.”

“That is Vamp!” Marasnite said.

“Vamp!” Zed called out.

Vamp turned around and saw Zed. He started to run toward him.

“You’re alive!” Zed cried, hugging his friend. He heard a yelp come from Vamp’s jacket and Celeste jumped out.

“This is Celeste,” Vamp said.

“Is Dezerite alive?!” Marasnite asked.


Marasnite shouted for joy.

“Where is she?” Marasnite asked, looking behind Vamp.

“Can we just get home and I’ll explain,” Vamp said, wincing and holding his side.

“Come on bud,” Zed said, helping Vamp walk. Marasnite picked up Celeste and walked alongside Vamp.
“Who’s cat?” She asked.

“It’s Dezerite’s now,” Vamp said. “Some girl named Omrite gave it to her. She was the one who saved us from the rubble. She was going to take us to Malachite but then decided not to. And she said the weirdest things.”

“Like what?” Marasnite asked.

“Well, for starts, she said Dezerite was Malachite’s daughter,” Vamp said.

“I know,” Marasnite said. “I’m her sister and Razorite’s her brother.”

“Really?” Vamp said. “She doesn’t know that.”

“What else did Omrite say?” Zed asked.

“She said that Neflite really worked for Malachite, but I already knew that. Dezerite didn’t though,” Vamp said.

“He is?!” Marasnite exclaimed, startling Celeste.

“Yeah, and he was the one that took Dezerite back to Malachite,” Vamp said sadly.

“So that’s where she is?” Marasnite asked.

Vamp nodded his head.

“Then that means....” Marasnite’s voice trailed off. “Jedite, Razorite and Destinite!”

Marasnite dropped Celeste and broke into a run. Celeste chased after her a managed to keep up. Marasnite’s lungs heaved as she raced towards Dezerite’s house.

She reached the front door and noticed that is was broken down. She ran into the house and looked around. Everything was smashed up and strewed all over the place. She hurried into the kitchen and found a piece of paper on the table. It read:

“We’ve got your sister, your brother, Jedite and Destinite. The only way to get them back is to come and get them. ---DESTRUCTION”

Marasnite crumpled up the paper and punched the wall. Zed and Vamp walked into the house and found Marasnite in the kitchen.

“We have to go get them,” Marasnite said.

“Let’s go,” Zed said.


Dezerite woke up to find herself strapped to a chair. She struggled but couldn’t break free. She sighed and laid back. She heard a door open and close and then there was bright light.

Malachite, Neflite, Destruction and several guards approached Dezerite. Malachite stared her straight in the eye.

“Finally, I have you in my clutches,” Malachite said. “I am offering you the chance to join me in my quest for dominance.”

“What are you going to say next?” Dezerite asked. She started breathing heavily. “Dezerite........I am your father.”

“So you know,” Malachite said. “All the better.”

Dezerite continued to imitate Darth Vadar. “Obi-wan was taught you well...........join the dark side.”

“Now you’re going to tell me who saved you,” Malachite said.



“I saved myself,” Dezerite said, remembering Omrite.

“You have never met a young lady named Omrite?” Malachite asked, pacing around her chair.

“Can’t say I have,” Dezerite said calmly.

Malachite whirled around so his face was close to hers.

“I don’t believe you,” he said, backing away from Dezerite. He flipped his cape over his shoulder. “We have ways to make you talk.”

Dezerite felt a slight tingle crawl up her spine. The tingling quickly turned into a pins-and-needles feeling until her body itched all over. Then the big shock came. Dezerite screamed in pain. Neflite flinched and looked away. Destruction laughed.

“Who saved you?” Malachite asked.

“No one,” Dezerite screamed.

Razorite, Jedite and Destinite sat in their cell, listening to Dezerite’s painful screams.


Marasnite, Zed and Vamp approached the large castle.

“This is Malachite’s shack,” Zed said.

“Big enough,” Marasnite said.

“Sure is,” Vamp said.

“What’s the plan?” Marasnite asked.

“Distract the guard or take you in as a prisoner,” Zed said.

“Take me in,” Marasnite said. “That’s probably the safest way.”

Zed nodded hand cuffs on Marasnite.

“Just follow our moves,” Zed said. Marasnite nodded.

Zed, Vamp and Marasnite approached the door where the guard stood.

“Business?” The guard asked.

“Taking a prisoner to Lord Malachite,” Zed said.

The guard motioned them past. They entered the large castle and walked down a hallway. Once they reached the end a group of guards jumped them and knocked them out.


After realizing that Dezerite wasn’t going to talk, Malachite ordered to be thrown into a separate cell than the others. Dezerite was in immense pain and collapsed onto the floor.

When different guards brought in Marasnite, Vamp and Zed he ordered them to be put in cells. Vamp was thrown into the same cell as Dezerite and Marasnite and Zed were thrown into a different one.

Vamp woke up and saw Dezerite laying on the ground. He stumbled over to her and picked her up. He laid her on the bed and tried to wake her up. He noticed the burn marks all over her. She slowly woke up and looked at him.

“Vamp,” she said painfully. “What are you doing here?”

“Trying to save you,” he said.

“I feel like a piece of bacon,” she said.

“You look like one too,” Vamp said.

“Thanks,” Dezerite said.

“What did he do to you?” Vamp asked.

“He electrocuted me,” Dezerite said. “I wouldn’t tell him who saved us. You may be next.”

“Dezerite!” Marasnite whispered through the bars. “Are you in there?”

“Yeah,” Dezerite called out hoarsely.

“Dez have you heard about you and Malachite?” Marasnite asked.

“Yep,” Dezerite said.

“I’m your sister!” Marasnite said.

Dezerite bolted straight up but had to be balanced by Vamp.


“Yup,” Marasnite said. “You didn’t know that?”


“And I’m your brother!” Razorite called out.

Tears started to well up in Dezerite’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Vamp asked, sitting down beside her.

“It’s just that,” Dezerite said, “I don’t want to be responsible for the death of my brother and sister.”

“Oh, come on Dez,” Jedite said.

“What happened to the tough assassin Dezerite?” Destinite asked.

“She’s gone!” Dezerite cried. “I can’t kill anymore. It’s like what people say: I’ve softened over the years.”

“We still have to get rid of Malachite,” Zed said.

Suddenly a door opened and closed and Destruction walked into the cellroom. He opened the door to Dezerite’s cell. Dezerite saw him and clung to Vamp but Destruction was too strong and dragged Dezerite away.

“Let me go!” Dezerite yelled, trying to hit Destruction.

“You’re becoming a great hassle around here, did you know that?” Destruction asked as he drug her down a hallway.

“Then just let me go,’ Dezerite suggested.

“Oh no, we couldn’t do that,” Destruction said, pinning Dezerite against a wall. “You see, Malachite wants you dead and I want you dead. This way, we both get what we want, but I get paid.”

“Please,” Dezerite said, looking into his eyes. “I didn’t mean to kill your parents. They got in the way. I was trying to kill the people standing by them.” A tear started to well in Dezerite’s eyes.

“Why didn’t you do anything!?” Destruction yelled. “Why didn’t you care!?”

“You should know why,” Dezerite yelled back. “You’re an assassin. You kill without remorse. It’s what we’re trained to do!”

Destruction looked away from Dezerite’s eyes and backed away from her. Her pushed her along the hallway and into a large cell. There, he chained her hands to the wall and left. Dezerite sighed and leaned against the wall. A large rat scurried by.

“At least the rats get well fed,” Dezerite said to herself.

The door to the cell opened and Neflite entered the room.

“Why, if it isn’t Mr. Traitor,” Dezerite said.

“That’s right,” Neflite said.

“You piece of shit,” Dezerite said. “When I get my hands on you....”

“That’ll be hard to do with your hands chained up,” Neflite laughed.

“I trusted you,” Dezerite growled. “And you sold me out.”

“For lots of money, don’t forget,” Neflite added.

“Malachite’s not going to pay you,” Dezerite said. “He just wants me and he’ll kill you too.”

“Keep on thinking that, Dezerite,” Neflite said. “It doesn’t matter anyways.”

“Well, it’s gonna matter when Malachite goes to kill you,” Dezerite said, matter-of-factly.

“He’s not going to kill me,” Neflite said, annoyed.

“Keep on thinking that, Neflite,” Dezerite said mockingly. “It doesn’t matter anyways.”

“Okay, now your pissing me off,” Neflite said, approaching Dezerite. He started to choke her. Dezerite started gasping for breath. “When I get paid I’m gonna be livin’ rich for the rest of my life. And if Malachite tries to kill me, then I’ll kill him first.”

While Neflite rambled on, Dezerite noticed a ring with a key on it hanging from his pants. Carefully she slipped her foot into the ring. Gently she pulled the ring out and then kicked Neflite in the stomach with her other foot.

“You snooze you lose,” she said, kicking the keys up to her hand. She quickly unlocked her hand. When Neflite got up and charged her, she punched him with her free hand and swung around to unlock the other one.

Quickly, she ran out of the room. Neflite was close behind her.

She ran trough a series of corridors until she reached an open door. She ran in, closed the door and turned around.

“Oh crap,” she said as she saw all her friends chained to the wall. Her eyes came upon a table that rested in the middle of the room.