Tale of Two Sides: Chapter 5


“Is the jail tower down?” Malachite asked Zoycite, who stood close at his side.

“Yes it is,” Zoycite said, almost sadly. “And Dezerite down with it.”

Malachite smiled down at his love. “Now we can have the Nega Verse to ourselves.”

Zoycite sighed. “You should send someone out to find their remains,” she suggested.

“Excellent idea,” Malachite said. “You are so smart.”

Zoycite blushed at the compliment as Malachite picked up his phone and dialed a number.

“Hello?” The voice at the other end said.

“Omrite, my dear,” Malachite said.

Omrite gasped. “Malachite?”

“I have a mission for you,” he explained.

“What is it,” Omrite asked.

“I want you to go to the jail house down east and look for the remains of Dezerite.”


“The jail house had an ‘unfortunate accident’ and Dezerite was inside,” Malachite said.

“What if she’s alive?” Omrite asked.

“I doubt she will be,” Malachite said. “If she is bring her to me. If she isn’t, do the same. You will have your freedom back.”

“Yes, sir,” Omrite said cheerfully.

Malachite hung up the phone.

“How gullible,” he said.


Marasnite sat on the couch at Dezerite’s house. It seemed everyone lived there now. The day wasn’t even over and Marasnite felt terrible. She hadn’t seen Zed in awhile. He was so upset about Vamp that he locked himself in one of the rooms upstairs.

Marasnite sighed and flipped on the t.v. The news anchor was rambling on about something or other. Then the story changed to the jail house.

Marasnite turned the volume up and listened attentively.

“Earlier today reports indicate that the old east jail house was bombed today. Amongst the prisoners trapped in the bomb tower were Dezerite, the former assassin. Investigators have yet to find any leads as to whom may have bombed one of Malachite’s jails. I must say he must be upset. In other news.....”

Marasnite ran out to the kitchen where Neflite, Jedite and Razorite were sitting.

“What’s wrong, Marasnite?” Jedite asked.

“Malachite was the one who bombed the jail house,” Marasnite explained. “He just wanted us three dead.”

“Well,” Neflite said. “He almost reached his goal.”

Marasnite looked at Razorite who had his head in his hands. Marasnite sat down beside him.

“What’s wrong?” She asked. Razorite only shook his head

“Marasnite,” Jed said, looking nervous. “I have something to tell you.”

“They found Dez?” Marasnite asked.


Zed walked into the kitchen.

“Am I disturbing something?” He asked.

“No,” Jedite said. “You may as well hear this too.”

Zed sat down and listened carefully.

“Okay,” Jedite said, taking a deep breath. “I’ve already told Razorite this and now you’ve got to hear it.”
Marasnite nodded her head.

“You remember when Dezerite said Malachite had three children? One boy, two girls?” Jedite asked.

“Yeah,” Marasnite said. “Why?”

“Razorite is his son and you are one of his daughters.”

Marasnite was too shocked for words.

“Who’s the other one?” Zed asked.

Jedite looked down at the table. “Dezerite.”

Marasnite burst into tears and ran out of the room. Razorite got up and chased after her.

“Wait Marasnite,” he called.

Jedite slammed the table. “Why did Beryl tell us now?”

“Take it easy, Jed,” Neflite said. “If Dezerite’s as tough as people say, a bomb won’t stop her.”


Omrite slowly made her way to the rubble. Celeste, her pet cheetah cub, followed close behind.

“Whoa,” Omrite said. “They really totaled this place. Hurry up Celeste. Must you sniff every rock. You are such a slow cheetah. Who ever heard of slow cheetah.”

Suddenly, Omrite stepped on a rock that seemed soft. Curiously she lifted the rock to find a hand with a black glove on it.

“Let’s hope something or someone is attached.”

Celeste, who was now paying attention, trotted closer to get a better look.

Omrite lifted up rock until she found a girls face. She lifted the girl from the rubble and checked for a pulse. It was there but very faint.

“This is Dezerite,” Omrite said to Celeste. “And now we’ll be free.”

She started to shake Dezerite, trying to get her to awake. Dezerite’s eyes fluttered open and she looked up at Omrite groggily.

“There’s someone here. Beside me,” she said weakly.

Omrite pulled away rocks in a fury. She found Vamp and pulled him out of the rubble.

“Whew,” Omrite said. “He’s a cutie.”

“Help us,” Dezerite said painfully.

“I’ll try,” Omrite said, trying to wake Vamp up.

She got them back to her house and tended their wounds. Vamp was totally zonked out but Dezerite managed to stay awake.

“So your the well known Dezerite?” Omrite asked, wrapped a cut on Dezerite’s arm.

“I guess I’ve built myself quite a reputation,” Dezerite said. She looked at Omrite, who looked much like Dezerite just longer hair and face.

“Everybody knows who you are,” Omrite said.

“Is that good or bad?” Dezerite asked.

“Both, I suppose,” Omrite said. “You’re the only hope for the Nega Verse against you father, and....”

“Wait a sec,” Dezerite said. “What did you say?”

“I said both, I suppose,” Omrite replied.

“No,” Dezerite said, “after that.”

“Oh,” Omrite said. “About you being the only hope against your father.”

“Father?” Dezerite asked.

“You didn’t know he was your father,” Omrite asked, surprised.

Dezerite head started to pound as she held back tears.

“You’re lying,” Dezerite growled.

“No way,” Omrite said. “This is for real.”

Dezerite struggled to stand up and pointed at Omrite.

“I don’t like it when people lie to me,” she warned.

“But I’m not lying,” Omrite said quietly, almost in tears herself.

Slowly it started to sink in and Dezerite started to stumble. Omrite caught her in time and laid her on the bed beside Vamp. Dezerite slowly sat up and stared straight ahead, tears stained her face.

“This can’t be real,” Dezerite said. She turned her head to look at Omrite. “Who are the other two?”

“Other two what?” Omrite asked softly.

“The other daughter and the son,” Dezerite said, leaning forward. “Who are they?”

“I don’t know,” Omrite said.

Vamp started to stir and woke up. Dezerite helped him steady himself.

“Are we dead?” Vamp asked, rubbing his head.

“No,” Omrite said. “You survived the bombing.”

Vamp looked at Dezerite.

“What’s wrong?” He asked Dezerite.

“I just found out Malachite is my father,” Dezerite said, once again trying to hold back the tears.

“Really?” Vamp asked. Dezerite nodded her head and wiped the oncoming tears. Vamp put an arm around her shoulder.

“Now what?” He asked Omrite.

“Now,” she said. “I report to Malachite and tell him I have you.”

“What about me stopping him?” Dezerite said.

“If I give you to him, he’ll give me my freedom,” Omrite said.

“And you believe him?” Dezerite asked.

“I have no choice,” Omrite said.

“Yes you do,” Dezerite said. “If you let me go then me and my team will whoop his ass.”

“Who’s on your team?” Omrite asked curiously.

“Marasnite, Razorite, Destinite, Jedite and Neflite,” Dezerite said.

“Neflite?” Omrite asked, confused. “He works for Malachite.”

“Sorry, sista,” Dezerite said. “Wrong guy.”

“Long brown hair, always wears ballcaps and sunglasses?” Omrite asked.

“Yeah,” Dezerite said. “Why?”

“He does work for Malachite,” Vamp said.

“He does,” Omrite said.

“He does?” Dezerite asked.

“He must be a spy,’ Omrite said.

“If you turn us in, Malachite will have already won,” Dezerite said. “And Neflite will do something to my friends.”

Omrite looked down at the floor thoughtfully. Just then, Celeste came bounding into the room and jumped onto Dezerite’s lap.

“That’s Celeste,” Omrite said. “She seems to like you. You can take her with you.”

“You’re letting you go?” Dezerite asked.

“I’ll tell Malachite that I couldn’t find you,” Omrite said. “But that story won’t last for long.”

“Stall him for as long as you can,” Dezerite said. She stood up and grabbed her belt.

“You’re leaving so soon?” Omrite asked.

“The sooner the better,” Dezerite said, putting her belt on and helping Vamp up. He seemed to be strong enough to walk.

“Good luck,” Omrite said.

“I’ll be back,” Dezerite said, picking up Celeste and heading to the door. “I promise.”


Malachite put the phone down and turned to Zoycite. He walked over to her and put his arms around her waist.

“Omrite said she couldn’t find them,” Malachite said, “so she’s going to go back out tomorrow. Hoping Dezerite’s dead.”

Zoycite pushed him away. “How can you say that about your daughter? Our daughter?”

“Do you question my order?” Malachite asked, becoming angry.

“No,” Zoycite said. “I’m questioning your integrity. She’s your daughter. Don’t you feel the least bit guilty for what you have done?”

Malachite threw Zoycite into the wall. “I don’t feel guilt.”

“Then why are you so mad?” Zoycite asked, getting up.

Malachite picked her up by the collar and slammed her against the wall.

“I should kill you right now,” Malachite said.

“You may as well, considering you won’t feel guilty for it,” Zoycite said, pulling a switchblade out of her pocket. Malachite’s eyes started to glow a harsh blue. Zoycite drove the knife into his arm and jumped out of the way. Malachite grasped his arm in pain.

“Good bye, Malachite,” Zoycite said, leaving the room.


Zoycite sat on top of one of the large tunnels of Milligan Brook. She stared off into the distance thinking. Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by voices coming from the tunnel.


“Why did we come to Earth first?” Vamp asked as he and Dezerite walked inside one of the large tunnels.

“I wanna see if our stuff is still here,” Dezerite said, splashing through the water. Celeste stuck to the side of the tunnel, trying not to get her paws wet.

Suddenly a figured plummeted from the top of the tunnel and landed in front of Dezerite and Vamp with a sickening crack. Dezerite yelped and jumped back. After composing herself she walked over to the figure and flipped it over. It was Zoycite.

Dezerite looked up at Vamp with a curious look. She went to look behind her but she wasn’t fast enough. A laser shot through Dezerite’s arm. She screamed and pulled out her gun, but she didn’t see anyone behind her. Vamp rushed over to her and put his hand on the cut.

“What’s going on?” Vamp asked.

Dezerite shrugged her shoulders and looked around. She saw something in the bushes and shot her gun but didn’t hit anything. She turned around again and saw a dark silhouette standing at the end of the tunnel over Zoycite’s unmoving body.

Dezerite squinted her eyes but couldn’t see who it was. The person stepped closer to her. It was Neflite!

“Neflite,” Dezerite growled. “You piece of shit.”

“That’s not a very nice thing to say to your friend,” Neflite said, approaching Dezerite.

“Friend?” Dezerite asked, laughing.

“Yeah, friends,” Neflite said. “Gotta problem wit’ dat?”

“Yeah, a big problem,” Dezerite said, triggering her gun. “Care to explain yourself.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Neflite said. “Your daddy’s giving me big bucks. I’m going to leavin’ rich for the rest of my life.”

“Unless I kill you now,” Dezerite said.

Destruction appeared behind Neflite and picked up Zoycite’s body.

“You gonna take care of the chick?” Destruction asked.

“Yeah, I got her,” Neflite said, turning to Dezerite. He slowly walked over to her and stopped inches from her body. Dezerite didn’t flinch.

Neflite took a hold of Dezerite’s arm and they both disappeared. Vamp quickly teleported back to the Nega Verse.