Tale of Two Sides: Chapter 4


“Nothing I say can show her how I feel or be as real as the tears in her eyes.”

---Susan Agloukark “Pond Inlet”

Jedite, Neflite and Destinite sat around the living room of Dezerite’s house. They were silently thinking of a plan but couldn’t come up with any. Suddenly, Jedite’s walkie-talkie started to beep. He put picked it up and turned it on.

“Hello?” He asked.

“Jed?” Marasnite asked.


Neflite and Destinite came closer to hear the conversation.

“I tried picking you up on the walkie-talkie, but no one answered,” Jedite explained.

“That’s cause they compensated our weaponry,” Dezerite’s voice came into the conversation.

“Huh?” Neflite asked. “Then why do you have you stuff now?”

“We’ve made a couple of friends,” Razorite said.

“Who?” Destinite asked.

“The two that nabbed us,” Marasnite replied. “Vamp and Zed.”

“Why are they helping you?” Jedite asked.

“Dezerite choked one of them with her shoelace until the other one gave in to letting us go,” Razorite explained.

“You should have seen Vamp’s face,” Marasnite said. “It started to turn blue.”

“And I still haven’t gotten my shoelace back in,” Dezerite growled.

“Now what?” Neflite asked.

“Hang tight and we’ll home soon,” Dezerite said cheerfully. She switched off her walkie-talkie. Jedite did the same.

“We better go find them,” Neflite said.


Dezerite put the walkie-talkie on her belt and finished tying up her boots. She gathered her other weapons and put them on her belt. Marasnite and Razorite did the same.

“Lead us out,” Dezerite said to Zed and Vamp.

Vamp glared at her but she wasn’t intimidated.

“You were going to let us out anyways, weren’t you?” Razorite asked.

“Probably,” Vamp said, rubbing his neck.

“Well, you should have told me that,” Dezerite said.

“This way,” Zed said, leading the group out of the storage room.

“Now remember,” Vamp said, flipping up his jacket collar, “keep your weapons hidden and trust us.”

“And when we get outside, we’ve got to run for it cause they’re gonna shoot,” Zed added. “Once they figure out we’re not taking you to Malachite.”


Malachite motioned one of his guards over. The small guard cautiously approached the notorious dictator.

“Yes sir?” The guard asked.

“Is the bomb planted in the jail house?” Malachite asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Are the prisoners secure inside their cells?” Malachite asked, looking down on the guard.

“Yes, sir,” the guard replied.

“Good,” Malachite said. “Give the guards in the jail house a five minute bomb warning now.”

“Yes, sir!” The small guard scurried off to do his master’s bidding.


Zed stopped to talk to one of the guards. Dezerite stuck close to Vamp, trying to look inconspicuous but all eyes were still on her.

“Wow,” she said. “I never realized how well known I am.”

“Scary, eh?” Vamp said.

Zed came back over to the group.

“We have to get past the gates now and then we work our way outside hoping nobody notices us,” Zed explained.

Vamp nodded and pushed Dezerite along as he followed Zed. They stopped at a gate where two guards stood.

“Where are you going with those prisoners?” One of the guards asked.

“Malachite ordered me to take them to him,” Zed said in his most authoritative voice.

“Why weren’t we informed?” The other guard asked.

“Malachite didn’t want to draw too much attention,” Vamp explained.

The guards whispered to each other for a couple of seconds then nodded their heads. One of the guards motioned them through.

“See,” Zed said, “a piece of....”

Suddenly he was cut off by a loud announcement:

“Attention! A bomb has been planted in this jail house. You have five minutes to evacuate. Leave the prisoners. Get out through the back door!”

Vamp and Zed looked at each other. Vamp quickly took the handcuffs off of Dezerite, Marasnite and Razorite.

“Come on!” Zed yelled over the excited commotion. He lead them against the crowd of guards trying to get out.

“We’ll get out the side door,” Zed yelled behind him.

Marasnite and Razorite followed Zed but Vamp and Dezerite were knocked down by guards.
Marasnite looked behind her and saw Dezerite missing. Zed opened the door and pushed Razorite through. He took a hold of Marasnite’s arm.

“But Dezerite....”

“We have no choice,” Zed shouted. He dragged Marasnite through the door and headed for cover.

Vamp had pulled Dezerite away from the crowd and against the wall. Dezerite spotted a closet. She worked her way over to it and kicked it open.

“Come on!” She shouted. “It’s better than nothing!”

Vamp followed her into the closet and they huddled together.

Marasnite heard the large boom and jumped behind a large boulder. She crouched by Razorite and Zed. She slowly got up and peered over the rock. There was no sign of Dezerite. Realizing Dezerite was gone, Marasnite fought back tears.

Neflite, Jedite and Destinite appeared by them.

“Where’s Dezerite?” Neflite asked. Jedite sat down beside Marasnite.

The tears in Marasnite’s eyes answered his question.