Tale of Two Sides: Chapter 3


"Life is just a dream on the way to death."

-From the movie "The Crow: City of Angels"

Dezerite and her team sat around Dezerite’s livingroom picking through their finds.

“This,” Dezerite explained, pointed to a small computer chip, “is a comm link. Usually they are made to be implanted in a person’s head, but these ones attach on the outside. Right here.” Dezerite pressed the small item onto her temple. “Voila.”

She picked up the next item. It looked much like a small radio.

“If your comm links get busted or something, use this,” Dezerite said, holding up the radio thing. “It’s a standard walkie-talkie. Just in case.”

She opened a box and pulled out a handful of small buttons.

“Attach these to a uniform here and if you need it, you can switch. As long as this button stays attached to the unused uniform you shouldn’t have any problems or embarrassing moments.”

She opened another book and took out a small computer.


She took out many different items. These included guns, grenades, laser charges, etc. She divvied up the assorted objects and went over the plan of action.


“Are you sure that this is a good place to start?” Marasnite asked.

“It’s a good a place than any,” Dezerite said. “Plus, I got strong vibes from here,”

The team walked along a flowing brook between two large tunnels. It was called Milligan Brook.

They set up their stuff in the nearby woods. Dezerite sat down and recharged her laser. The rest set up camp for overnight.

“Who’s gonna stay watch?” Destinite asked.

“Me and whoever else wants to,” Dezerite replied.

“Me and Jedite will,” Marasnite offered.

“We will?” Jedite asked.

“Sure, why not?” Marasnite asked.

“Alright,” Dezerite said. She looked up past the trees to the sky. “It’s getting dark.”

“Good night,” Razorite said. He laid down on his sleeping bag and fell asleep. Neflite and Destinite did the same.

Marasnite leaned up against a tree and filed her nails. Jedite sat down and stared off into space. Dezerite just stood.

“So, Dez,” Marasnite said. “Tell me about yourself.”

“I don’t remember much before I came back to the Nega-Verse,” Dezerite admitted. “I was sent to Earth as a small child. I can only remember little details of my human life. Important people, places, events. My name was something like Chelsy. But I can’t really remember, like I said.”

“I was sent to Earth too,” Marasnite said. “My name was Melanie.......I think. That’s all I can remember.”

“I was never sent to Earth,” Jedite said. “I lived my whole life in the Nega-Verse.”

Suddenly they heard a noise in the bushes.

“What the hell was that?” Marasnite asked. They heard another rustle.

“Never mind that. What the hell was THAT?” Jedite asked.

Dezerite readied her gun. A black shape appeared before her and stepped into the light. He had medium length hair and sunglasses.

“Where’s the sun?” Dezerite asked.

“Gone,” the figure said. Two more figures stepped up beside the first.

“Who are you?” Marasnite asked.

“I am Destruction,” he said. “This is Zed,” he said, motioning toward a person with short blond and orange hair. “And this is Vamp,” he said motioning to the other one who had short black hair.

“Nice to meet you,” Dezerite said. “But we don’t allow assassins here.”

“So you remember me?” Destruction asked. “Do you remember when you destroyed my parents right in front of my eyes?”

“Yeah,” Dezerite said. “So?”

“If Malachite didn’t order me to bring you in, I’d kill you right now,” Destruction growled.

“Oh, darn,” Dezerite said, snapping her fingers.

Destruction snapped his fingers and Zed and Vamp grabbed Marasnite and Razorite, who had just awoken. Destruction grabbed Dezerite and they all disappeared.

“Oh great,” Jedite said.

“What happened?” Neflite asked, waking up.

“Nothing,” Jedite said. “Just Dezerite, Marasnite and Razorite were taken.”

“Oh, okay,” Neflite said laying back down. He immediately got back. “Huh?!”

“Gone. Poof!” Jedite said.

Destinite woke up and looked around.

“Where is everyone?” She asked.

Jedite explained what happened to them.


Dezerite awoke in a cold dark cell. She lifted her head and looked around. She saw Marasnite and Razorite laying in the cell across from her own. She stood up and walked over to the bars, picked up a rock and threw it between the bars at Marasnite.

“Ow!” Marasnite said standing up. She looked at Dezerite. “What was that for?”

“We need to get out of here,” Dezerite said. “Wake Razorite up.”

Marasnite obeyed and shook Razorite. He got up and looked around, confused.

“What happened?” He asked.

“We’re at Malachite’s,” Marasnite explained.

“Ahead of schedule,” Dezerite added.

Suddenly there was a bang of a large door closing. Dezerite perked up.

“If I do anything weird,” Dezerite said, “just follow.”

Marasnite and Razorite nodded.

Zed and Vamp walked down the corridor which separated the cells. They sat down across from each other.

“What are you two losers doing here?” Marasnite asked.

“We’re here to watch you guys,” Zed explained.

“We heard you guys are slick,” Vamp said. He leaned up against the bars of Dezerite’s cell.

When Zed started to occupy himself with his gun, Dezerite took her chance. She quietly undid the laces of her boot and wrapped one end around her hand. She signaled for Marasnite and Razorite to be quiet then she slowly crept up behind Vamp and wrapped the lace around his neck and pulled back.

Zed jumped up and held up his gun as Vamp gasped for air. Dezerite held her position though.

“Stop!” Zed yelled. Vamp’s face started to turn blue. Dezerite still held on.

“Make her stop!” Zed yelled at Marasnite.

“We can’t,” Marasnite said calmly. “We’re locked in here.”

Zed quickly pulled out a key and unlocked the cell. Marasnite walked out and kicked the gun from Zed’s hand. It slid across the floor and Razorite picked it up. Dezerite let go of Vamp, who collapsed. Zed knelt down by him and examined the bruises on his neck. Dezerite also bent down and took Vamp’s gun from its holster.

“Thanks,” she said.

After Vamp caught his breath, Zed stood up and realized he did not have his gun. He slowly raised his hands into the air.

“There’s no need to act like a hostage,” Dezerite said. “We just want you to get us outta here.”

“Fine,” Zed said, shrugging his shoulders. “If that’s what you want.”

“That’s exactly want I want,” Dezerite said, helping Vamp up.

“Sorry about choking ya,” Dezerite said. “No hard feelings, right?”

Vamp could only glare up at Dezerite since he was still too weak. Zed took Vamp and led the trio out of the cellroom.