Tale of Two Sides: Chapter 2


“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”


“You summoned me, sir?” Destruction asked, entering Malachite’s chamber. Destruction had straight brown hair to his shoulders. He wore a long gray trench coat.

“Yes, I did,” replied Malachite, who sat on his large throne. “I have a mission for you.”

“Oh, really,” Destruction said, smiling. “And what would that be?”v

Destruction’s smile widened. “Tell me more.”

“Her name is Dezerite,” Malachite explained. “She works for Beryl.” Malachite handed Destruction a picture. “That’s all you need to know.”

“No prob.”


Dezerite reported to her queen for the last time for a long time.

“Dezerite,” Beryl said, “this will be the last time you report to me for a long time.”

“I understand,” Dezerite said.

“You will no longer need to answer to me until your mission is complete,” Beryl said, “but I trust you not to abuse this privilege. You will not contact me until he is dead.”

Dezerite nodded her head.

“In the case that you and your crew perish,” Queen Beryl continued, “your heroism will go down in history and you will not be forgotten.”

“Absolutely,” Dezerite agreed.

“I have selected the best for you. I hope you will not let me down.”

“I won’t.”

“You are dismissed.”

Dezerite gave Beryl the wink and the gun. “Later.” She turned around to leave.

“DEZERITE!” The Queen shouted. Dezerite slowly turned around.

Queen Beryl pointed at her. “Later.”

Dezerite saluted and left Queen Beryl’s throne room.


“She’s not very punctual, is she?” Jedite asked, impatiently. He and his teammates sat in the livingroom of Dezerite’s house.

“She’s reporting to Beryl for the last time,” Marasnite explained.

“She doesn’t have to listen to Beryl anymore,” Razorite said matter-of-factly.

Dezerite rushed into the room, took off her boots and sat down on her chair. She wiped the sweat off her brow.

“Sorry I’m late,” she said, apologetically.

“What’s the beef?” Neflite said.

Dezerite got up and started to pace the room.

“You know that I no longer have to answer to Queen Beryl,” she said. Everybody nodded.

“Well,” Dezerite continued, “she trusts me to kill Malachite by the rules. I should listen to her.”

“Fer God’s sake,” Neflite said. “You don’t hafta answer her, why go by the rules?”

“I’m not,” Dezerite replied. “We’re not gonna kill Malachite by the books, but with style. We will bring his empire down.”

Marasnite jumped out of her seat. “What are we waiting for?!”

Dezerite thought for a second. “Absolutely nothin’.”

Everyone jumped up and followed Dezerite to the Nega-Verse’s secret armories.


Dezerite unlocked the large iron doors to the armory. She pushed them open and led the group through the maze of shelves and boxes.

“So you’re allowed in here?” Destinite asked.

“She was an assassin,” Marasnite pointed out. “She’d need weapons.”

“Actually,” Dezerite said, “I was issued weapons for assassination. I just swiped these keys from Beryl. We’re only supposed to use the standard armory.”

“Awesome,” Razorite said, looking around in awe.

Dezerite stopped at a computer terminal hidden behind boxes. Nobody was there so she sat down and began typing. She went through the inventory looking for what she needed.

“Marasnite,” she said, “go find a box marked ‘implants’ somewhere in the west end.”

Marasnite did as she was told and headed west.

“Razorite,” Dezerite said, “go find a box marked ‘uniform’ over there for me.” Dezerite pointed in a direction and Razorite obeyed.

“Jedite and Neflite,” she said, “you two go find boxes marked ‘communications’ and ‘radar’.”

Dezerite pointed north.

“What about me?” Destinite asked.

“You come with me,” Dezerite said. “We’re gonna find the guns and weapons.”

Destinite followed Dezerite to large shelf of boxes. Dezerite started to climb the ladder that went to the top. She gestured for Destinite to follow her.

She grabbed a huge box and passed it to Destinite, who took it down the ladder. Dezerite grabbed another one and followed.

They carried the boxes to the computer where everyone had gathered.

“Now what?” Jedite asked.

“Let’s load up one of the trucks in back and get these back to my place,” Dezerite said.