Tale of Two Sides: Chapter 10


Marasnite, Razorite, Jedite, Neflite, Destinite, Vamp and Zed waited impatiently outside the queen’s throne room. Marasnite tapped her foot and looked at her watch.

“Where is she?” Razorite asked.

“Not very punctual is she?” Jedite asked.

“I heard she’s a tough bitch,” Neflite laughed.

“It does remind me of the time we all first met,” Marasnite said, laughing.

“It’s hard to believe our lives were normal back then,” Razorite observed.

“I can’t believe we actually worked for Malachite,” Zed said.

“I know,” Vamp agreed.

“I can’t believe it either,” Dezerite said, joining the group with Celeste on her shoulder. “But here we are.”

“Yes, here we are,” Neflite said. “All of us, so let’s go.”

Dezerite led the way into the throne room. She walked down an aisle between two groups of Beryl’s minions and to Beryl’s throne. Immediately she bowed.

“My queen,” Dezerite said.

“Dezerite,” Queen Beryl said, “I did not anticipate such an early arrival from you. I am very disappointed.”

Dezerite slowly stood, staring straight at the queen.

“You have stolen from the secret armories,” Beryl said, her voice getting angrier, “and you have not yet destroyed Malachite!” Dezerite bowed her head. “Give me one reason why I should let you live!”

Dezerite slowly lifted her head until her hazel eyes met Queen Beryl’s orange ones.

“Because I’m your only hope.”

With that Dezerite turned around and left the throne room, the team followed her.


Once they got home, Dezerite quickly changed and went to bed, exhausted. She immediately fell asleep and started to dream.

She drempt she was standing in the middle of a burning circle and in front of her stood Marasnite and Destruction. They seemed to be on the same side. Then, suddenly, Malachite appeared and killed Marasnite.

Dezerite woke up screaming. She was in a cold sweat and shaking. Her door opened and Marasnite and Vamp rushed in.

“Are you okay?” Vamp asked, sitting on the bed beside her.

“What happened?” Marasnite asked.

“Just a dream, that’s all,” Dezerite said, trying to calm down.

“It’s okay,” Vamp said, putting his arm around her.

“Don’t worry Dez,” Marasnite said. “He won’t be back for awhile.”

“I hope so,” Dezerite said. “I hope so.”