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Applying for one of my awards is pretty straight forward if you follow these instructions:
1. Fill out the form below specifying the award you are applying for. Do not make me choose the award or I will email you asking you to choose one.
2. Put one of my banners on your page. I will check this within a couple of days to see if you have. If not, I will email you a warning. If I have to email you twice, your application will be voided. If you have problems putting the banner on your page please tell me.
3. I will not give the same award twice to the same page but will give different ones. So that means it is possible to win every award just not all at one time.

Your page has to be only interesting and does not have to be Dark Kingdom related.

Your page has to be eye pleasing with no broken pics and well organised (does not have to be Dark Kingdom related).

Your page has to be Dark Kingdom realted, no broken pics, very organised and very dark....

This may be the hardest award to get. Your page HAS to be Dark Kingdom related. Upon that, there must be dark kingdom pictures, good links, no broken links or pics, either a guestbook, quiz or survey. Also, either a club, fanfic or sound page.

You can win this award if your page has a "cute" theme. What that is will be judged by me. The page doesn't have to be DK related.

Your page must have a "romantic" theme to it. Once again, what that is is judged by me. And it doesn't have to be DK related.

Your page has to be VERY original. That means original ideas, characters, etc. No DK needed.

Fill out This Form:
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How old are you? 13 or under 13 to 18 18 or older

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